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Where to get sashes (and what to consider)

What are the options for sashes?

When looking to buy sashes, there is a variety of choices in terms of where to buy the sash and a variety of sashes one can buy. We are going to break down the options you have with regards to sashes and help guide you to make an informed decision, wherever you choose to get one.

Sashes can be found primarily at 5 places: Wedding halls, Graphic stores, Value stores (such as Costco),
Costume/Novelty stores, and specialized sash stores. Unfortunately we can not say which place is objectively the best place for you to go, as the best place for you to go depends on your situation. There is a couple of factors which determine what is the best in different scenarios and will go over that below

Wedding halls


Wedding halls is one place you can get sashes. To some, it is the first place they look (often if they have a wedding), other times, it is forgotten entirely. Wedding planners/accessory shops have the advantage of convenience (if purchasing other wedding items), and usually made at a consistent high quality. The disadvantage is that they may be pricier than other locations and that they may have very little variation, as they develop sashes primarily for one purpose. One thing to note about wedding halls is to ensure you ask for a bridesmaid sash over a bridal sash, as a bridal sash wraps around the waist, unlike the sash you may want (around the arms and chest area).

Costume stores

costume store
Costume and novelty stores is another place where you can find sashes. As they make costumes and costume related items, an accessory such as a sash (an item people may use with a costume) may be in their inventory. They are the opposite of wedding halls in many aspects. There can be a lot of variety here, as the sashes are developed for a multitude of purposes. The prices can vary heavily too. The disadvantages are that finding a costume or novelty store are that the quality of the sash may not be up to par at some novelty stores for the purpose you wish to use them for. Costume stores also lack the convenience factor for some people, as the costume stores are rare.

Print stores

Graphic & Printing stores are often a place people don’t realize sell sashes. Graphic stores sashes are multipurpose. Graphic stores are a little more common than costume stores however people generally do not seek out graphic stores for convenience. The main draw of going to graphic stores for sashes is the ability to have the design of the sash look however you want and the ability to print anything on the sash. If the sash needs to follow a specific look of a theme of an event, a graphics store is the most ideal. The drawback if the sash you want may be generic, the unique value that a graphic store rings means less to you.

Hopefully now with this knowledge you can find the sashes you are interested in. If the graphic store option is the most appealing, check out the sashes at 89 graphics (our sash page here). If the wedding option is the most appealing, find your nearest wedding hall. If the costume store option, find your nearest costume store. If you are unsure where that may be, one trick you can use to find these places is utilizing Google’s local business option. In order to do this type in what you want and add the phrase “near me”. For example, “costume store near me” will find you the closest costume store to you with their address.

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directions question
Directions to get to 89 Graphics

Directions to us by any method

For those who have never been to 89 Graphics & Print, we are going to highlight the various ways you can arrive our store. We are at 1379 Weston Road. Our closest major intersection is Jane & Weston Road. If you would like to use Google Maps, click this link here, go to the directions tab, type in your address and Google will provide you with the most efficient route to get here

If arriving via Driving

  • On Jane Street, close intersections are Jane & Eglinton, and Jane & Lawrence are the closest intersections
  • On Weston Road, Weston & Eglinton and Weston & Lawrence are nearby

If arriving via Bus

  • The Jane Bus (35 & 195) will take you in front of the store
  • The Weston Bus (89 & 171 ) will take you in front of the store as well

If arriving via walking

  • We are near the intersection itself and a large tissue-related building

If you have any more questions about arriving to 89 Graphics, contact us through commenting/email-ing/calling ad we will respond quickly. We hope too see you soon!

semester work
Stylish end-of-semester project ideas

That time of the semester is approaching…

The school semester is quickly ending. There are may culminating projects which you are working on which require a presentation style that will make make the hard work that went into the research and writing truly wow the class and the teacher. There are several ways to do this and today we will cover a couple of them:

Life-size cutouts

life size cupit
Life-size cutouts could be used to go along with a presentation on a famous figure. If you have to do a presentation on someone like Marcus Garvey, Albert Einstein, or Winston Churchill, bringing a life-size Garvey/Einstein/Churchill with you is definitely going to have all eyes on your presentation!

Printed T-shirts

Graphic Tee icon
Another suggestions that may be useful in presentations. If you have to do a group presentation, having everyone wear a t shirt with a design related to the project can be a creative way to add to your project.


Brochure Icon
This suggestion is catered more towards written projects. Supplementary pages (infographs etc.) can be placed in a brochure alongside the paper.

Even small changes such as paper quality (printing the project with card stock paper or glossy paper) can make a massive difference. If your projects is relatively more professional than others, you will gain a slight edge in terms of grading. This could be the factor that brings that A project into an A+!

Where do I find these things you ask? Several of these suggestions can be found at 89 Graphic’s shop among other places.

Adding theses types of peripherals to your website will make your project stand out. As your project is more appealing to the eyes, there will be more focus on it’s content and be more memorable. This is ideal since with more attention on the project, every little detail will be noticed. Otherwise, details that you went out of your way to add could have been missed, leading to an unfaithful recollection of your project. Good luck in your semester’s culminating projects!

Comparison: What type of material to use for flyers and print-outs

When you go to a print shop to print a flyer or a printout, you are given various options for the material you wish to have the design printed on. What do these options mean? Which one should you choose? This article intends to break this all down and answer these questions.

The first thing to note are the options themselves. The main 2 materials options are:

  1. card stock paper
  2. 100 pound glossy paper

Card Stock Paper

Card stock material has a couple of unique properties. The first attribute that is noticeable about card stock paper is the feel of the paper and it’s thickness. Card stock paper has a distinct solid feel to it that can be distinguished simply by touching it. If you have ever played with a standard deck of cards or have been given a business card, you have likely felt a variation of card stock paper. Card stock paper is not only the thicker option between the two, but is also thicker than most paper materials. Card stock paper has a matte finish, meaning that after the way light interacts with the surface leads the material leads to the surface looking flat. It would look something similar to this: diffuse_sphereCard stock paper is the more expensive option of the two as a result of the denser material costing more to produce.

Glossy Paper

Glossy paper can be seen as the opposite of card stock paper in several ways, however they still have some similarities. Glossy paper is a slimmer, more sleek type of paper. It is mostly distinct for how it interacts in light, as it will have a glossy finish. A glossy finish means that when a light source hits the paper, it will look shiny and reflective. It would look similar to this:phong_sphere Glossy paper, not being as thick, is slightly cheaper to produce.

Which material to choose?

Now to decide which one depends on it’s purpose. Card stock paper has been noted to be more popular at print shops when it comes to flyers. This does not mean that anything is wrong with choosing glossy paper however. Glossy paper is very popular in printouts and other mediums, such as books that incorporate coloured images (tourism books, art books, etc.). People enjoy the paper texture and the matte finish is more reliable in unpredictable lighting, since it will always look very similar. If the lighting of where the flyers will be seen is known and you want the glossy effect to make the flyer pop you should definitely consider choosing the glossy paper.

With this knowledge you can now get the flyers produced in the way you envisioned them. If you have any questions feel free to ask!

Standing Rollup Banner Icon
Featured Item: Standing Roll-up Banner


A Standing Roll-up Banner is a vertical banner that is propped up. They are different than regular banners in terms of texture (standing roll-up banners are developed with a higher quality) and how it is held up. The main positive traits they have are that they are:

  • portable,
  • Quick and easy to set up,
  • Get a message across quickly,
  • Hard to miss yet economical in terms of space
  • Visually appealing (with a good design)

Uses of a standing roll-up banner

The main use for this medium is for setting up informational stands at public spaces/events. They can be often seen at:

  • car shows,
  • fairs (trade fairs, job fairs, etc.),
  • conferences,
  • small advertising stands

People often use them to catch the eye of people passing by. On a standing rollup banner you will find their brand, purpose of their stand, and educational information accompanied with relevant graphics.

If you wish to wish acquire a stand-up roll-up banner you can acquire one here at it’s product page

We hope you have learned something about standing roll-up banners!

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Website is (mostly) complete

89 Graphics can now say that we have have the website complete from a structural standpoint. A couple product options will be added in the future. We will also begin constantly updating the website with new, interesting articles indefinitely to keep you coming back to be entertained and to gain insight on new things. Browse through our website now and check back in the future!

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Hello everyone!

This is the official 89 Graphics & Printing website! Here you will find a description of what we do, an avenue to contact us, our portfolio providing a sample of our work, and a shop where you may purchase our services. There will soon be a page that will allow you to connect with us via various social media platforms. Stay tuned for updates from your favourite store! There will be various updates in the near future.